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AJE Components products can be purchased at any time during the trial period using the software delivery wizard. Simple click the Buy It button and follow the on-screen intructions or visit the online store.


Price Lists and Volume Discounts

Our Software Components are competitively priced and are guaranteed to save development costs while adding rich functionality to your products. Click Here for more information on volume discounts and pricing...

Dev One Stop Directory Index

Dev One Stop brings you a rich selection of Software Components and Development Tools in our Directory Index

Our Directory is free to use and allows you to browse by category or search for products in a simple to use Index. Evaluations and downloads are available on most products in the Directory.

Click here to access the Directory...

Quotes and Buy Direct

Buying direct from couldn't be simpler. Simply contact us with your requirements and will we provide you with a full written quotation and details on how to order. If you need a quote or are unsure of any aspect of pricing or product details then please contact us first.

We can provide full demonstration CD's, when required, giving you the opportunity of evaluating all our products. Please contact us first to arrange your demonstration disk.

For specialist requirements please contact us...


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